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Eastern Oregon Pioneer Pet Services

The loss of a pet can be one of the most devastating experiences, often comparable to losing a close human family member. Unfortunately, society has not always allowed us to grieve the loss of a pet in the same way as other significant losses. However, that trend is changing, and society is becoming more aware of the strong bonds between humans and their pet companions. There are now many options available for commemorating the life of a pet, and it's essential to make the right decisions during this time.  

Cremation Charges

An urn is required.
Full line of pet urns available.
• Tiny (0-2 Pounds) $150.00
• Small (3-19 Pounds $175.00
• Medium (20-39 Pounds) $225.00
• Large (40-79 Pounds) $275.00
• Extra Large (80-120 Pounds) $300.00
• Pets over 121 Lbs $400.00
 *All Cremations Are Private

Eastern Pioneer Pet Services

offers a wide variety of memorial supplies and services for you pet companion including:
• Burial and cremation caskets
• Cremation urns
• Granite and bronze memorials and monuments
• Keepsake memorial jewelry
• Memorial services in our chapel
• Memorial service supplies for other locations

Itemized Price List

Home Burial
Opening and closing of grave $125 - $250
*(Prices vary depending on the location and size of grave)
Burial Casket $325 - $850

• Removal of remains from veterinary clinic* No Charge
• Removal of remains from private residence* $125.00
 • After-hours emergency call $100.00
 • Personal delivery of cremated remains* $35.00
 • Mail and delivery of cremated remains $150.00
Extra mile charge*
*(All transportation charges are within the Baker City area during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM except holidays. Mileage beyond the Baker City area will be at $1.00 per mile one way).

Other Services
• Family room for viewing (up to 60 Minutes) $40.00
• After Hours Viewing ( after 5 PM & Weekends) $150.00
• Memorial service in our chapel $350.00
• Memorial folders (25 custom printed) $100.00
• Minimum priced urn $15.00
*Urn is required, a plastic bag is not sufficient*

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